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You can ask me to write an inspired text for you. I tune in to your soul and write the information that comes to me. That you need to hear right now. In uplifting words, a beautiful, touching poem. This is a kindness to yourself, a gift of selfcare and guidance. Or just a good introduction to yourself and your soul. And to my way of working. 

You are mailed a nicely formatted pdf - with audio - the day after payment received. These are the themes you can choose from:

  • a message from your soul: guidance from your soul, on who you are in essence and what your next step might be.


  • a love letter to your inner child: on how to take better care of your vulnerable self.


  • a letter from your future self: on how to keep up hope and courage and gain insight.

  • welcome for a newborn: this text captures the essence and blessings of the new soul being welcomed.

  • inspired gift for loved ones: if you want to gift inspired words, you can do that too. a touching, uplifting present for those that are sensitive or seeking.

  • AN ANSWER TO YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTION: If you have something bothering you, and you can not find the proper way to look at it, you can request and inspired answer ask via me.  

25 euros per text

MAIL ME to order or inquire.

inspired text



In an online or personal meeting, you can ask specific questions or request texts. On what bothers or ails you, mystifies you, keeps popping up in your life. I translate what you need to hear right now. What your soul is trying to tell you. During our talk you are in the driving seat and you can ask for insights on what puzzles you most. I use all the channels available to me to gather a plethora of information for you. 


You invariably come away with a wealth of inspiration, insights, encouragement and guidance. And a new appreciation for the guidance of your own soul. In time you will become a soul listener too. 

I email you the texts written before or during the session, afterwards, as nicely formatted PDF's. 

60 euros per 60 minutes 

MAIL ME to order or inquire.

online session


One of the joys of my life now is teaching others to listen to their intuition, their wisdom and source. To grow into being faithful to their soul and its light. My main tool to do this is writing. I also use oracle cards, or drawing, or playing, or ..... 

Practical advice, encouragement, insights, togetherness, fun, exercises, a workbook... It is all there.

But first and foremost I create a safe space for you all to be and learn, within the time and place of the workshop. 

  • online or in person 

  • via DE KLEINE BRON or on demand if you have a group at the ready

MAIL ME to inquire or visit DE KLEINE BRON website

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