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Here are some examples of texts I wrote for others (anonymized) to give you an idea of what it is I do. 
Please note, the text I write for you will be nicely formatted and emailed to you in a .PDF format. 

If you would like to read more of my transformative poetry in general, I welcome you to my FB page 'Unpack the Angel'. 

marijke goossens.png

Marijke Goossens

Waw, this can only come through your channel, Tris! This is so you, and very special. 

griet geeraert.jpg

Griet Geeraert

The texts Tris writes, are really quiTE special. Often they will accompany me for a while on my path through life. Offering answers. Anchoring my soul.


Truike De Moor

My friend Tris has a magical gift.

She looks at you, takes out pen & paper and starts to write. Out comes a poem which catches your essence. Your soul.

It touched me to the core when she did it over coffee yesterday.

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