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soul listener - translator of source

The short version:

unapologetically pink – cats – yes, I believe love always wins – dark chocolate of course – impatient when driving, still – reading when I should be sleeping – full on enthusiasm – true to Self – always learning- kindness. Kindness is most important.

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The slightly longer version:

I have weathered some storms, and I know about love and about paying in pain when ignored or abandoned, and how not to let fear trick you into forgetting about the love. Ultimately, everything is love, pure love - the kind that does not need, demand, fear. Everything is love.

My life so far has been a journey towards mySelf. Being loyal and true to mySelf. Everything else follows. Trust me, that is not being selfish, that is being respectful to who and what you are: the iteration of God on earth. An expression of the universe in pocket size.

During this journey I am discovering some amazing things about myself. That I am an artist and a healer. And that I am not only a Highly Sensitive Person but also a psychic. I am a clairsentient (feeling) and claircognizant (knowing). I do not look into the future, I translate energies and vibrations into (written) words as guidance and wisdom.  

I have spent a lot of time ignoring or denying this about myself, not wanting to be ridiculed or labeled crazy... That never works though, does it? I paid a high price in health and well being. Now I am on the road of recovery and healing. And being. Yihaa!

I want to share my talent, my experience and my wisdom. I want to pass on the words I translate, and teach others how to connect with themselves, their intuition, their inner wisdom, the wisdom of source. Yep. With kindness and compassion. Because growing and learning can be painful, we all know that. 

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