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you are not alone. you are not weird. you are not snowflaking.


for true contact with soul & Self

and uplifting encouragement


How can I help you?


  • If you feel like you have lost your way into the myriad of possibilities.

  • If you experience a lack of focus or enthusiasm.

  • If you can not make sense of the signs. 

  • If being you mostly feels like a hardship.

You have lost the connection with your soul and your Self


While you may have to make changes on several levels, I can help you re-connect. By translating yourself and source for you. By teaching you how to listen to yourself and source. 

With my words and encouragement I help you unlock your best guide - your Self - in this life. So that navigating this life becomes easier. At last. 

wix unpack the angel background banner.j


I am a space holder.

My aim is to make you look at yourself, truly look at yourself with kindness and compassion. And when you are not yet able to do this, I will, and teach you. That is the start.

I am a word weaver.

I tune into the universal wisdom and our inner knowing. I channel these vibrations in words, for insight and inspiration. And a road to healing. That is the inspiration.

I am a soul listener.

The words I gather [in texts] for you, will speak to your soul, and make it come more alive. Make you become more in tune with it. That is the gift.

I am a natural teacher.

I will set you on your path to translate yourself and universal wisdom. Help you find your flow, your direction. By example and suggestion. That is the promise. 

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